Sunday, October 20, 2013

if we're being honest here

if we're being honest here...

being sick last week sucked. before i knew it, it was thursday at 8:30 am and all i had accomplished since that sunday was showering, getting dressed that morning, and making it to work for the first time that week. bummer. dude.

i'm not really feeling that guilty about the lack of posts last week. the ones that made the cut were the ones i had ready ahead of time. practically zero blogging happened last week.

i don't take the time or put in the effort to reply to commenters. i'm sorry, but it's just too much work when i can't just send you an e-mail to reply to your comment. this is a good tutorial post to make sure this isn't you!

on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being "get it together, girl :( " and 10 being "you go, girl :) ", i'm at about a 5 on my october goals. my routine is healthier but being sick threw me off the exercise train temporarily. i fell behind a bit with the love dare but am still working on it. i have been much better about worrying less and enjoying the moment more - it's not always easy, but i'm loving it. only 11 days left in october, already?!

i've started thinking about christmas presents! i think november 15th - january 2nd is in my top 3 favorite times of the year.

i think i spoke to less than 10 people this weekend. the hubs was gone and after being sick last week i used this weekend to catch up and loved it: gym, cleaning, errands, blogging, and organizing/decorating kept me really busy.

i'm so much happier when our whole apartment is clean. it's weird but i feel completely relaxed and pulled-together if the sheets are fresh, i can see vacuum lines in the carpet, and there are zero dust bunnies.

i hate bra shopping. just because i ask the victoria's secret lady one question does not mean i want her to come in my fitting room when i'm topless. thanks, but no thanks.

since parker was gone i decided to use a leftover gift card to treat myself to a pedicure. i'm sure they were talking about my sweatpants-clad, makeup-free self in their language that i couldn't understand but it was still mighty relaxing and just what i needed after a day spent working out and cleaning. oh, and i got my nails done spur of the moment, too. #oops #sorrynotsorry

that's all. sorry for the mish-mash, rambling, photo-less post but it is what it is, folks. i need to go brown like 3 pounds of hamburger for this week's meal prep.


  1. I agree with you that bra shopping is the worst. Plus, a bad thing about Victoria's Secret is that often the size you are in their bra's doesn't correspond with other manufacturers. I've found Macy's to have really good reps to give measurements and bra recommendations - after you get that info you can bargain hunt online.

  2. Random posts are fun! I hate that you were sick last week. What did you have?!

    I agree...these next 3 months are my favorite as well. So much excitement.

    I love a clean house as well...warm sheets always help me sleep better.

  3. You are so right about the no-reply bloggers!

  4. I was totally a "no-reply" blogger and didn't even know it lol. Needless to say seconds after I found out I made sure to change it asap :) A clean house does wonders, it always puts me in a good mood !

  5. I wish I could magically fix all no-reply bloggers. I feel better when my house is clean, too. And I love pedicures. Sadly, it's been months since I've had one.

  6. Vaccuum lines! I love them!!! Too bad they're a rare commodity at my house, hahaha! Glad you're feeling better!

  7. I am definitely in a better mood when my house is clean! My husband always knows when I'm in a bad mood when I just start cleaning and organizing for no reason :)

  8. I agree with literally everything you just said haha. New follower from The Collective :)


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