Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Findings

It feels like Monday, but it's actually Tuesday. Which means Friday will come that much sooner and THAT is not a bad way to start the week. It also means we got to basically skip over all the goodness that makes monday Monday. Except the weekly Picture / Caption post of mine that always seems to follow a weekend. Without it you'd miss out on the conglomeration of pictures that I've chosen out of the waaaay too many pictures that I took this weekend. We'd also miss out on my Weekend Findings that "caption" each of my fabulous pictures. We certainly cannot skip that. So here we go...

In re-reading this I've just realized that I hear conglomeration used all the time. I say it myself quite a bit. But how weird is that word to actually type out? Conglomeration. conglomeration.

+ Lake photos require absolutely no filter. Not even Nashville on Instagram. The picture looks best in it's naked form. #nofilter

+ Family time on the water is the best. 

+ SUP is fun. I just like saying SUP (aka: Stand-Up Paddleboarding). Also in recent news, I think my irritated sinuses and scratchy throat are trying to tell me I can never have a lab. Death by dog-sitting would be an awful way to go.

+ The cosmos taste even yummier and the water feels even better when you know it's Labor Day weekend and it'll be a few months before Memorial Day comes back around.

+ Taking out the boat seems to be the final clue that it's time to start drinking apple cider and wearing thermals. I love the changing seasons but it's always sad to say so long to summer.

 + If you tell your husband to sit right next to you, hang is feet in the water, and try to look natural for a picture he's probably going to guess right about the fact that you're pinteresting. He ain't stupid. I guess he does listen to my blabbering.


  1. Lake days are the best, aren't they? I definitely don't have enough of them!

    You and your hubby are so cute! It's nice to know when our husbands actually listen to our blabbering about pinterest and blogging, right?? :)

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