Friday, September 20, 2013

H54F #13 | i love me a friday

not to be a downer, but this week really did seem to drag by. i love fall, totally, but it seems like now that it's not summer my mind isn't constantly looking forward to something like it was before (i.e. being at the lake, seeing my family, tanning, ... margaritas...) and P is leaving me for the weekend for some hobby he likes to call hunting, i guess. but that also means i can get lots done this weekend this weekend, think: blogging, grocery shopping, and possibly multiple target runs - starting with the peanut butter banana bread i'm going to whip up tonight for him to take with this weekend. it might shape up to be pretty darn good. friday, i love you.

[1] early anniversary gift from my mother-in-law. what's your over / under on how long it takes me to fill this baby up? as of tonight there are already 2 in there... #oops #winelover. one problem: those fabulous liquor distributors make twist-off wine bottles now which are so much more user-friendly but will definitely hinder my progress.

[2] this. i love this. i shared our diy headboard here this week. it's been there for almost 2 weeks now and i still think it's oh-so-pretty.

[3] i get to be home every day for lunch and my new thing is to take an iced latte back to work with me. it's an easy, low-cal afternoon snack and fulfills a little sweets craving.

[4] interviewing this guy for the boys behind the blog link-up was so fun. man, his vlog makes me giggle like a little girl.

[5] as i'm writing this ahead of time on thursday evening, i'm just about to go whip up some peanut butter banana bread for P to bring with him hunting this weekend. and i might make 2 batches so i can keep one here. come back monday for the recipe! it's sooo delicious and from cooking light so it's even healthy.


  1. Banana bread is my favorite!! And who says you can only have margaritas in the summer?!! Hahaha I also loveeee your headboard! My hubs and I made one very similar and it's been my favorite choice ever since!

    Happy Friday!!
    xo, Sarah Grace

  2. TGIF! I love a good iced coffee latte in the afternoons too! It helps pass the rest of the work day! I'm headed over to check out the man's vlog now! :)

  3. We have a similar cork holder where we write on the corks and throw them in but you are so right, twist off tops totally skew the cork count! Maybe that's a good thing for us Vinos ;)

  4. #3 - recipe? My husband is a big hunter too! His elk hunt is coming up, so he's in the hunting zoooone! Happy Friday!

  5. The bread sounds so good! Please share the recipe!!!

  6. Your headboard looks great! :) And please share the banana bread recipe!

  7. i love your headboard! and all your pillows/bedspread! happy weekend!

  8. Your bedroom is so pretty! Have a great week.


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