Friday, September 13, 2013

H54F #12 | high five for friday

happy friday lovelies! this week was sort of a long one so this particular friday is very much appreciated. isn't it interesting how mental exhaustion is almost more exhausting than physical exhaustion? just a random thought. tgif + i'm looking forward to the weekend!

1 // today i am especially thankful for my hubby. i mean, i'm thankful for him every day but i think that after a long, exhausting week you are even more thankful for the people by your side.

2 // i love that our place smells like a warm, vanilla cookie covered in hot buttered rum and pumpkin spice is baking in the oven.

3 // this week we found out our cara box partners and i could not be more thrilled (and a little relieved) about the fabulous ladies i have been paired up with. 

4 // my. new. camera. came. eeek! i'm so excited i could burst. 

5 // we are heading home this weekend. i'm really looking forward to seeing a few friends that we miss like crazy, holding a friend's baby for the first time since she joined our world 3 months ago, seeing my family, and good ol' r & r.

ok i just realized it's friday the 13th - are you superstitious?? have a great weekend :)
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  1. I'm all about the fall scented candles right die for! =) Stopping by from H54F, hope your weekend is fabulous!


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