Friday, September 6, 2013

H54F #11 | high-five for friday!


my H54F post looks a bit different today than it normally does. first of all, for some reason i wrote my high-fives in all lowercase so now my ocd is making me write the rest of the post in all lowercase. so there's that. second of all, we're not going to do the cute, numbered, professional-looking picture summary first because really, i think people probably just like bigger pictures. the bigger the better, right? i think someone famous said that. anyway, actually i was just too lazy to create my image with my high-five pictures so today we just have pictures then post. pictures then post. pictures then post. got it? the pictures may or may not even be related to my post below. ok, herewego...

[1] short. week. friday felt like it came faster than you can say tgif baby.

[2] taking out the boat on labor day was a bit of a sad start to the week. summer, i will miss you, but i think i've gone into a fall nesting stage and am looking forward to spice candles, boots, and apple cider.

[3] i have been diy-ing like a crazy person on hgtv and things are finally starting to pull together as i get really close to finishing a few of them. i'm looking forward to finishing up a few this weekend.

[4] salmon. is it sad that i haven't eaten breakfast yet and i'm looking forward to our dinner tonight? i'm tellin ya, this salmon tastes like candy. with syrup.

[5] weekends at home. i love that we were able to get to the lake so much this summer but am also looking forward to being home this weekend with nothing i have to do.

this weekend i plan to finish a few projects, shop fresh at the farmer's market, plan our meals for next week, hang out with P, and relax. it still feels like summer around here and is supposed to be hot this weekend so i'm going to try to soak that up while it lasts. happy weekend to you! enjoy!

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  1. i don't think i've ever made a picture collage for high five for friday. i choose big pictures too :) how fun to be on the boat! and salmon is one of my favorite foods!!


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