Thursday, September 5, 2013

Current Pinspiration!

Man it's already Thursday! I've been a little absent this week and here's why: I'm on this diy / new decor / spruce things up / make things pretty kick lately. I go through phases like this. The phase I'm normally in most times is the one where I pin a bunch of pretty things on pinterest, talk about all these cool ideas, and think about how much work it is while having a glass of wine and watching DWTS (which starts SOON by the way). But lately I've actually been following through with some of these! What? I know, weird. I actually pin the idea, buy the supplies, and have been giving up some of my precious time to sweat over a diy project. My husband loves it because he wants nothing more than to come home from working all day to spend time with me nailing and staining and give up his weekend time to do arts + crafts together. Or something like that.

So anyway, here are the pins that are currently inspiring me. This will be like before and after pictures except the after pictures aren't mine. Yet. I've gotten started on a few of these and can't wait to share each one of the completed projects. 

I love both of these for our living room. I'm a sucker for cute quotes or mushy words so the cream canvases would be an easy way to include some but keep it subtle. Plus how easy would it be to glue some things together and spray-paint like crazy? I think gallery walls, pictured on the right, are still all the rage...? If not, I still love love love!

                                                         via                                                           via

Here's the bed wall in our bedroom now. Now picture going from this...
our bedroom this! I've already started work on this project - look for my reveal post soon because I am loving how it's turning out so far! And I'm not sick of the diy stuff yet so it must not be too difficult.

I'd love to incorporate a version of each of these in our bedroom somewhere. The room is small so there's not a lot of extra space so I think this would be a fun way to "store" jewelry, while adding something pretty to the walls.
                                                              via                                                                             via

Now for my favorite one: Hello boring, black, $75 college dresser.
our bedroom

Helloooo pretty red dresser! I'm hoping I can talk the fabulous, loving, hot, helpful, compassionate hubs (I'm hoping he's reading this!) into starting this this weekend. It'll be the first time we try refurbishing a piece of furniture...should be interesting.

You can find all these and more on my pinterest page - if only we had more time in a day! Come back soon for a few reveal / how-to posts for the ones I've started. Do you use pinterest for your inspiration? It seems like an idea book that's never-ending! Have you ever refurbished a piece of furniture of furniture to go from drab to fab?

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  1. Great ideas!! I'm working on a jewelry project like these!


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