Monday, August 19, 2013

The movies, people-watching, + fresh stuff

Aaaaand another weekend bites the dust. It was our first weekend NOT being back home at the lake but it turned out better than we would have imagined. We did the downtown street fair and nearly sweated our cahoonas off. Then we checked out the local farmer's market for the first time. I just love all that fresh stuff and would so much rather buy it at a market than at the wah-wah grocery store. Without the drive home + back it felt like we had all this extra time because we had 10 extra hours! Saturday night we went to see "We're the Millers" and loved it. I suggested it for something to do and Parker was all for it - I'm sure it had everything to do with the comedic entertainment and underlying family bonds and nothing to do with Jennifer Aniston's strip scene. {If we're being completely honest here, though, she's totally my famous girl-crush.}

You know what's fun? Movie dates with your husband. You know what's not fun? The people who make you wish you were watching the movie in the quiet of your own home instead. Don't get me wrong - I love a good people-watching session {i.e. sometimes the reason we go to the mall, street fair, state fair, grocery store...}. I just don't like all the distractions when we had to pay nearly $11.00 a piece to watch the damn film.

We loved the movie and had a fun night but these are the types of people I'm talking about:

1. The late arrivals: Seriously, if the movie is at 6:50 do not show up at 7:20. Ok, they didn't miss anything because we were still watching the Mortal Instruments preview but still. I got pleasure out of the fact that they had to sit in the very front and probably woke up Sunday morning with a neck cramp.

2. The clappers: I have never in my life thought something was so funny that I felt the urge to clap. Just laugh at the jokes, people. You don't have to give them a round of applause.

3. The drama queen: Scary part, "oh no!" Touching part, "awww." Cue gasp, sigh, and/or laughter in every single scene where the director imagined a gasp, sigh, or laughter. 

4. The buffet-ers: I always thought the movie theatres made their money by telling you that Large Pops and Mega Popcorns get free refills but no one actually taking advantage of that. I always thought there's no way that people would shuffle past you in your row and miss part of the $11.00 movie to get a refill. They do.

5. The alchys: To the lady in front of me drinking a smuggled-in Mike's Hard Lemonade, you are on this list not because I hate you but because I was totally and completely jealous.

6. The cacklers: Some people don't laugh, they cackle. We had a little treat and a Drama Queen Cackler was sitting right behind us. Fabulous.

I think I could make a movie about the people that go to a movie. You know what I'm say-innnn? {If you've seen the movie, I typed that in my best possible imitation of Scotty P.}

How was your weekend? Cay you believe there's only a few summer weekends left until Labor Day- better soak them up! Here are some other photo highlights from the weekend if you're interested :)

 Ok, how cool would it be to have a pink truck bed? I don't think I'd use it to sell sweet corn but I could probably tow it around to lay in to suntan or hold shopping bags...

 Isn't there just something about fresh flowers and lemonade?

 Street fair purchase numbers 1 and 2.

 Street fair purchase number 3.

Have a great week! Eat your veggies ;)

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