Monday, August 26, 2013

Mondays start the weekend + Cocktail recipe!

It's Monday already?! But I didn't get enough weekend yet. Or soak up enough sun. Or drink enough margs. Or get anything done!

It was Hot this weekend. Hot with a capital H. I'm pretty sure it was the hottest it's been all summer. 
Mid to high 90s and humidity made me feel extremely lucky to be able to spend the weekend at the lake. The lake water is still 82 degrees because of all the warm weather so I can't even count how many times we were in and out of the lake this weekend. And it looks like it's still supposed to stay pretty hot and dry this week so crossing my fingers again for another good one next weekend. Man, I sure do feel bad for all the kids who are surrounded by beautiful weather and trying to start focusing on school right now. Being that I used to be a teacher, I feel worse for all the teachers who are trying to get kids focusing on school right now. Good luck with that. My heart goes out to you.

My weekend highlight: getting up on one ski, whoop whoop! Ok, if you're not from around here or a lakes area, let me explain to you. My dad is a great water-skier so both me and my brother have been skiing since we were kids. Then when you get good at that you start dropping one of the skis if you want and skiing just on the one - it's called slalom skiing. Then, in order to be cool you have to be able to get up just on the one ski and lose the drop ski in general. Done. Did it this weekend. I'm cool now. Total weekend highlight. End brag session.

 My dad.

Mondays feel like they're such a blur for us - especially in the summer or when we're coming out of a busy weekend. They become a day full of laundry, grocery shopping, and to-do lists. I normally try to "touch-up" clean our apartment a bit in the midst of unpacking or unwinding from the weekend. The day flies by while we get our crap together for the week. And basically I think I start mentally preparing for / planning / dreaming about the upcoming Friday through Sunday. Don't get me wrong, I love our time during the week with a mix of projects, to-dos, and down time. I'm certainly not wishing my life away but c'mon, everyone is constantly looking forward to the weekend. Ya feel me?
So as you're making it through your Monday, you seriously need to work this tastiness into your weekend daydreams... 

We like to call it a Jamaica Mon:

3/4 oz. Vodka
3/4 oz. Malibu Rum
3/4 oz. Midori
Pineapple Juice
Cranbery Juice
Combine the first 3 ingredients then fill your glass with equal parts of the two juices.

How easy is that?! It's like drinking for dummies practically! It tastes like a Jamaican party in your mouth. And here's what I think is great about it, you can totally change your drinkware in order to tweak the drink and make it your own. Tweak the portions of the ingredients and use a shot glass, small cocktail glass (like pictured above), martini glass, or large tumbler. You can serve this Jamaican Mon as anything from a leggo shot, to a classy martini, to an afternoon cocktail. It's totally versatile, just like your blazer that can do business casual or evening sexy.

So there ya go, dream about that baby all week long. Or make one tonight :) Do whatever makes you happy!


  1. Love your pictures - the sun looks so great :) Stopping by from High Five for Friday! Come visit, having a $200 J.Crew gift card giveaway - ends today!

    xo Lulu

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend!! Good job getting up on the ski :) I was pretty proud of my self getting up on a wake board the first time. Following from the collective link up!


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