Friday, August 23, 2013

H54F #9 | High-Five, it's Friday!

Don't be fooled. My H54F post makes me seem artsy, super organized, and creative. Apparently it's just how my week played out I guess. Here we go:

1 // I treated myself to my favorite hairspray. It's expensive - I mean, more expensive than Herbal Essences or Pantene, and rarely is on sale. But it smells oh-so-delicious. I probably don't even wear perfume when I use it so really it's a 2-for-1.

2 // Sunday's project. Tedious and time consuming, but having my old photos chronologically organized in one box with labels makes me feel so good. #organizationfreak

3 // My handy hubby fixed our closet fail but building a second shelf at the top! See the before picture here.

4 // I learned so many cleaning tips by reading the comments on this friend's facebook post. Then, she told me she checked my blog for tips in the first place! Note to self: write blog post about cleaning tips SOON!

5 // Hobby Lobby. I've been DIY-ing this week like a crazy person. (I think my husband does think I'm a crazy person, but that's just because DIY-ing for me is more like "hey honey, let's build this and then paint it and then hang it together tonight.")

We're going to the lake this weekend! Crossing my fingers for sunshine, a nice breeze, and a homemade batch of mom's margs. What are you doing this weekend? It still feels like summer around these parts! 

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  1. You should definitely write a cleaning tips post!! That is so awesome how you organized your photos. I really, really need to do that.


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