Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fantasy + Hump Day

It started as just a regular old hump day.

This morning, before leaving for work (even before eating breakfast I think), Parker asked me what I was doing tonight. First off, that's sort of an odd question coming from your husband of nearly 3 years. Second off, I don't do anything on week nights. I would think he should know that by know.
Anywho, I told him I wasn't sure. Well, he proceeded to inform me that I should probably try to find something to do tonight because he has his Fantasy Draft and he doesn't want me to bug him. Other than changing around the pronouns for the sake of story-telling, I did not paraphrase this one bit. So, I told him I have plenty of things to do and don't really care if he's going to be busy all night.

So I found something to do: poured a glass of vino, fired up my macbook, and streamed pandora through my earbuds. 


And my point is? This is what I spent the early evening doing  >>  Come like LSL on Facebook!

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Are you in a fantasy league? I totally wish I would have found one to join this fall!

Happy hump day! 

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  1. My husband is also an extreme FF player. He had his draft Sunday. I have always thought it would be fun to get in on a league that was just girls cause come on, I only kind of know what I am talking about! I would love to join a league if you know of one!

    Thanks for following yesterday from Wildcard Wednesday!



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