Monday, August 26, 2013


Currently I'm...

  • ...not leaning on the back of the boat with my shades on and toes in the water. I don't want to talk about it.
  • ...listening to Solo Piano on Pandora. It might sound boring but it makes me feel like I'm in a spa and that is something I'd be ok with.
  • ...thankful for bloggers and the fact that they welcome you back with open arms even after a short blogging hiatus. You people are spectacular.
  • ...telling myself I need to get back in a regular exercise routine.
  • ...freaking out a little about the Half-Marathon Relay that the hubs and I are running next Saturday. Why? See above.
  • the middle of like 5 DIY projects. If I could finish just one it wouldn't feel so overwhelming. 
  • ...reading a Karen Kingsbury series. I love it but can't stop thinking about how I want to re-read the entire series of Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Grey and the Hunger Games. What is it about magic, seduction, and a fight for survival?
  • denial about the fact that it's Labor Day in 6 days and summer is coming to a close.
  • ...loving garden-fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. Not as much as I love chocolate but every bit counts.
  • ...inspired by this quote.
  • ...not jealous about everyone going back to school right now. For 23 years of my life I started school at the end of August, experiencing it as a student and a teacher. I still miss certain parts and it's still sometimes hard to believe I'm not "going back-to-school" in any way, but I feel awfully stress-free right now.
  • ...looking forward to our anniversary in a few short weeks and our fun anniversary weekend we have planning for the first weekend of November.
  • ...wanting a DSLR camera. I think a "just-because" present to myself is coming soon.
  • ...craving a fall shopping weekend.
  • ...feeling grateful for my fabulous life and the awesome people I have in it.
  • ...ending this post so I can go to bed and do it all again tomorrow. Adios peeps!


  1. I always have like 5 diy projects going on and I just want to finish them all at the same time!! So much stuff so little time!

  2. I love Karen Kingsbury books too!!! I get so caught up in the characters lives, I feel like I know them haha


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