Friday, August 30, 2013

H54F #10 | H54F + A GIVEAWAY!

How is it already the Eve of Labor Day weekend, the "official end to summer"? It seems like we were just anticipating Memorial Day weekend, laying out in the sun, and trying to get some color on those white-ass legs. Thankfully, my legs have gotten color but are not yet ready to give up the summer sunshine + water for turning leaves + skinny jeans.

But, no matter how much we resist it, that stubborn Mother Nature continues to move on. So here we are, on the Eve of Labor Day weekend. At least when I think about fall, I think about skinnies + scarves + utility jackets + boots + new jewelry, and that makes me smile. Ya know what else makes me smile? Free money to put towards my fall wardrobe + decor! Make sure you check out the GIVEAWAY below!!

But first: let's high-five for Friday! Here are this week's high-five moments...

1: Tuesday night dinner with my parents. Just yet another reminder of how my family are my best friends. I still don't know how I got so lucky.

2: Ran across this quote on Pinterest this week. It's such a good reminder that we can choose whether we feel happy or not. We control our life; not the other way around.

3: New coffee maker. It's the little things.

4: I'm looking forward to the "final weekend of summer" at the lake. We head out tonight and get to stay until Monday because of the 3-day holiday weekend, woop! We continue to go to the lake all year round because that's where my parents' home is, but it's certainly not every weekend like it has been from June until now. And it certainly will not continue to involve sun-tanning, water-skiing, campfires, walks / runs, and time on the clear blue water.

5: My very first giveaway! One lucky reader will win a $25 gift card to Etsy and it's super easy to enter.

How great would it be to win this for a "Happy Fall" present? Seriously people, I could browse Etsy all day long and drool over the unique jewelry, stunning accessories, and pretty decor. Once the winner is announced I might even have to treat myself to a little somethin-somethin. You know, as sort of a "just-because-i-love-you-present". But for myself.

Anywho, Enter below for your chance to spruce up your fall wardrobe / decor! It's super easy and there are many different options to get it on the goodness so enter your brains out :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And on that note, I'm peacin out! Have a happy Labor Day weekend, friends!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fantasy + Hump Day

It started as just a regular old hump day.

This morning, before leaving for work (even before eating breakfast I think), Parker asked me what I was doing tonight. First off, that's sort of an odd question coming from your husband of nearly 3 years. Second off, I don't do anything on week nights. I would think he should know that by know.
Anywho, I told him I wasn't sure. Well, he proceeded to inform me that I should probably try to find something to do tonight because he has his Fantasy Draft and he doesn't want me to bug him. Other than changing around the pronouns for the sake of story-telling, I did not paraphrase this one bit. So, I told him I have plenty of things to do and don't really care if he's going to be busy all night.

So I found something to do: poured a glass of vino, fired up my macbook, and streamed pandora through my earbuds. 


And my point is? This is what I spent the early evening doing  >>  Come like LSL on Facebook!

Do you have a facebook page? Let me know so I can LIKE it!
Are you in a fantasy league? I totally wish I would have found one to join this fall!

Happy hump day! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jewelry trends: Layering + A Three-Way

Layering. It's not just for blazers + button downs. It's not just for leggings + knee-highs.

Thanks to our street fair a few weekends ago and Cookie Lee, my eyes have been opened to my new favorite jewelry trend: layering. This is my first attempt at it. And by attempt, I mean I stared at the Cookie Lee independent consultant and asked her which pieces I needed to buy to make the area between my chin and belly button look as fab as hers. I think that eventually I could be able to pull the a look like this together on my own, but for steps.

Now let me tell you what else is freaking awesome. That long necklace down there. Can totally be worn three different ways. So really, I got 3 necklaces for the price of 1! Which is good, considering the 1 necklace was nearly $50. That's what I like to call bargain shopping. So here's my three-way:

Long hair don't care:


Toned down a notch by removing one chain:

How great is that? Although I'm hanging on to every ounce of summer and trying as hard as possible not to let it leave me, pretty things like this do make me a little giddy about fall fashion.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Currently I'm...

  • ...not leaning on the back of the boat with my shades on and toes in the water. I don't want to talk about it.
  • ...listening to Solo Piano on Pandora. It might sound boring but it makes me feel like I'm in a spa and that is something I'd be ok with.
  • ...thankful for bloggers and the fact that they welcome you back with open arms even after a short blogging hiatus. You people are spectacular.
  • ...telling myself I need to get back in a regular exercise routine.
  • ...freaking out a little about the Half-Marathon Relay that the hubs and I are running next Saturday. Why? See above.
  • the middle of like 5 DIY projects. If I could finish just one it wouldn't feel so overwhelming. 
  • ...reading a Karen Kingsbury series. I love it but can't stop thinking about how I want to re-read the entire series of Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Grey and the Hunger Games. What is it about magic, seduction, and a fight for survival?
  • denial about the fact that it's Labor Day in 6 days and summer is coming to a close.
  • ...loving garden-fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. Not as much as I love chocolate but every bit counts.
  • ...inspired by this quote.
  • ...not jealous about everyone going back to school right now. For 23 years of my life I started school at the end of August, experiencing it as a student and a teacher. I still miss certain parts and it's still sometimes hard to believe I'm not "going back-to-school" in any way, but I feel awfully stress-free right now.
  • ...looking forward to our anniversary in a few short weeks and our fun anniversary weekend we have planning for the first weekend of November.
  • ...wanting a DSLR camera. I think a "just-because" present to myself is coming soon.
  • ...craving a fall shopping weekend.
  • ...feeling grateful for my fabulous life and the awesome people I have in it.
  • ...ending this post so I can go to bed and do it all again tomorrow. Adios peeps!

Mondays start the weekend + Cocktail recipe!

It's Monday already?! But I didn't get enough weekend yet. Or soak up enough sun. Or drink enough margs. Or get anything done!

It was Hot this weekend. Hot with a capital H. I'm pretty sure it was the hottest it's been all summer. 
Mid to high 90s and humidity made me feel extremely lucky to be able to spend the weekend at the lake. The lake water is still 82 degrees because of all the warm weather so I can't even count how many times we were in and out of the lake this weekend. And it looks like it's still supposed to stay pretty hot and dry this week so crossing my fingers again for another good one next weekend. Man, I sure do feel bad for all the kids who are surrounded by beautiful weather and trying to start focusing on school right now. Being that I used to be a teacher, I feel worse for all the teachers who are trying to get kids focusing on school right now. Good luck with that. My heart goes out to you.

My weekend highlight: getting up on one ski, whoop whoop! Ok, if you're not from around here or a lakes area, let me explain to you. My dad is a great water-skier so both me and my brother have been skiing since we were kids. Then when you get good at that you start dropping one of the skis if you want and skiing just on the one - it's called slalom skiing. Then, in order to be cool you have to be able to get up just on the one ski and lose the drop ski in general. Done. Did it this weekend. I'm cool now. Total weekend highlight. End brag session.

 My dad.

Mondays feel like they're such a blur for us - especially in the summer or when we're coming out of a busy weekend. They become a day full of laundry, grocery shopping, and to-do lists. I normally try to "touch-up" clean our apartment a bit in the midst of unpacking or unwinding from the weekend. The day flies by while we get our crap together for the week. And basically I think I start mentally preparing for / planning / dreaming about the upcoming Friday through Sunday. Don't get me wrong, I love our time during the week with a mix of projects, to-dos, and down time. I'm certainly not wishing my life away but c'mon, everyone is constantly looking forward to the weekend. Ya feel me?
So as you're making it through your Monday, you seriously need to work this tastiness into your weekend daydreams... 

We like to call it a Jamaica Mon:

3/4 oz. Vodka
3/4 oz. Malibu Rum
3/4 oz. Midori
Pineapple Juice
Cranbery Juice
Combine the first 3 ingredients then fill your glass with equal parts of the two juices.

How easy is that?! It's like drinking for dummies practically! It tastes like a Jamaican party in your mouth. And here's what I think is great about it, you can totally change your drinkware in order to tweak the drink and make it your own. Tweak the portions of the ingredients and use a shot glass, small cocktail glass (like pictured above), martini glass, or large tumbler. You can serve this Jamaican Mon as anything from a leggo shot, to a classy martini, to an afternoon cocktail. It's totally versatile, just like your blazer that can do business casual or evening sexy.

So there ya go, dream about that baby all week long. Or make one tonight :) Do whatever makes you happy!

Friday, August 23, 2013

H54F #9 | High-Five, it's Friday!

Don't be fooled. My H54F post makes me seem artsy, super organized, and creative. Apparently it's just how my week played out I guess. Here we go:

1 // I treated myself to my favorite hairspray. It's expensive - I mean, more expensive than Herbal Essences or Pantene, and rarely is on sale. But it smells oh-so-delicious. I probably don't even wear perfume when I use it so really it's a 2-for-1.

2 // Sunday's project. Tedious and time consuming, but having my old photos chronologically organized in one box with labels makes me feel so good. #organizationfreak

3 // My handy hubby fixed our closet fail but building a second shelf at the top! See the before picture here.

4 // I learned so many cleaning tips by reading the comments on this friend's facebook post. Then, she told me she checked my blog for tips in the first place! Note to self: write blog post about cleaning tips SOON!

5 // Hobby Lobby. I've been DIY-ing this week like a crazy person. (I think my husband does think I'm a crazy person, but that's just because DIY-ing for me is more like "hey honey, let's build this and then paint it and then hang it together tonight.")

We're going to the lake this weekend! Crossing my fingers for sunshine, a nice breeze, and a homemade batch of mom's margs. What are you doing this weekend? It still feels like summer around these parts! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Refreshing your page, refreshing your page...

Ok, I'm sorry but have you heard this song?! I heard it for the first time this weekend on the radio. Unfortunately it has a good beat at the beginning, so I innocently started feelin it and workin it, ya know? If you don't listen to the lyrics or watch the music video then you should be fine. 

But any song with a bridge of "refreshing your page, refreshing your page" just isn't my jam. Plus I don't think there is any rhyming and how silly is that? I think it really is the stupidest song I've ever heard. I honestly can't think of anything worse or even remotely close right now. But in all fairness, it's early and I don't quite have my game-face on yet. 

You should seriously watch it just so you know what I'm talking about. Oh, and it's probably going to get stuck in your head. Happy Wednesday! You can thank me later :)

Coming soon to a blog near you!

Apparently I'm on a new DIY kick. See, here's how I normally work: I pin a bunch of pretty decor things on pinterest, never go back and look at my boards, and buy decor at Kohl's, Hobby Lobby, Target, etc. etc. instead of taking the time and energy to get er' done. But I actually have started a few of my projects in order to spruce up our bedroom a little bit. And by "spruce up" I mean, get something, anything, on the walls. So a Pinterest / DIY / Home projects Post is coming as soon as I have the pretty "after" pictures to go with my blah "before" pictures. Here's a lame sneak peek:

If you follow me on instagram, you'll get better sneak peeks. 

Better yet, follow me on twitter and I'm sure you'll get a play-by-play with all my inexperienced confusions and frustrations. I wonder if there's a book for DIY for Dummies...

Monday, August 19, 2013

The movies, people-watching, + fresh stuff

Aaaaand another weekend bites the dust. It was our first weekend NOT being back home at the lake but it turned out better than we would have imagined. We did the downtown street fair and nearly sweated our cahoonas off. Then we checked out the local farmer's market for the first time. I just love all that fresh stuff and would so much rather buy it at a market than at the wah-wah grocery store. Without the drive home + back it felt like we had all this extra time because we had 10 extra hours! Saturday night we went to see "We're the Millers" and loved it. I suggested it for something to do and Parker was all for it - I'm sure it had everything to do with the comedic entertainment and underlying family bonds and nothing to do with Jennifer Aniston's strip scene. {If we're being completely honest here, though, she's totally my famous girl-crush.}

You know what's fun? Movie dates with your husband. You know what's not fun? The people who make you wish you were watching the movie in the quiet of your own home instead. Don't get me wrong - I love a good people-watching session {i.e. sometimes the reason we go to the mall, street fair, state fair, grocery store...}. I just don't like all the distractions when we had to pay nearly $11.00 a piece to watch the damn film.

We loved the movie and had a fun night but these are the types of people I'm talking about:

1. The late arrivals: Seriously, if the movie is at 6:50 do not show up at 7:20. Ok, they didn't miss anything because we were still watching the Mortal Instruments preview but still. I got pleasure out of the fact that they had to sit in the very front and probably woke up Sunday morning with a neck cramp.

2. The clappers: I have never in my life thought something was so funny that I felt the urge to clap. Just laugh at the jokes, people. You don't have to give them a round of applause.

3. The drama queen: Scary part, "oh no!" Touching part, "awww." Cue gasp, sigh, and/or laughter in every single scene where the director imagined a gasp, sigh, or laughter. 

4. The buffet-ers: I always thought the movie theatres made their money by telling you that Large Pops and Mega Popcorns get free refills but no one actually taking advantage of that. I always thought there's no way that people would shuffle past you in your row and miss part of the $11.00 movie to get a refill. They do.

5. The alchys: To the lady in front of me drinking a smuggled-in Mike's Hard Lemonade, you are on this list not because I hate you but because I was totally and completely jealous.

6. The cacklers: Some people don't laugh, they cackle. We had a little treat and a Drama Queen Cackler was sitting right behind us. Fabulous.

I think I could make a movie about the people that go to a movie. You know what I'm say-innnn? {If you've seen the movie, I typed that in my best possible imitation of Scotty P.}

How was your weekend? Cay you believe there's only a few summer weekends left until Labor Day- better soak them up! Here are some other photo highlights from the weekend if you're interested :)

 Ok, how cool would it be to have a pink truck bed? I don't think I'd use it to sell sweet corn but I could probably tow it around to lay in to suntan or hold shopping bags...

 Isn't there just something about fresh flowers and lemonade?

 Street fair purchase numbers 1 and 2.

 Street fair purchase number 3.

Have a great week! Eat your veggies ;)

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Don't even know what to title this: Lake. My first love. Wine. Life???

I was born on May 4th, 1988. I've been told that my mom's very first Mother's Day (I'm the oldest) was spent at the lake in MN. I googled it (yes. I google-ed it) and that means that I was at the lake on May 8th, 1988 - at a whopping 4 days old. It's their fault that the lake stole my heart.

See, I've loved the lake my entire life. Literally my. entire. life. (Minus the 4 days between May 4th and May 8th I guess). It's my parents' fault that I can't get enough of it. The lake stole my heart before anyone else did. Yes, me and the lake had a few disagreements / hard feelings along the way - right around the ages of 13-15 when none of my friends were at the lake because they were at the mall, eating pretzelmaker, and talking about boys (talking. because there wasn't texting or facebook or twitter back then.) But I got over it at the age of about 16. Why? Because I had a booooyyyfriend to bring to the lake and we swam, tubed, had campfires, etc. etc. etc. The lake is my happy place. And that boyfriend turned out to be my husband. And the lake became his happy place. We are happy, relaxed, young, and full of joy when we get to be at the lake.

But (apparently) sometimes we can't be at the lake. I guess that's part of growing up supposedly. We used to live 50 minutes from the lake. As of last November, we currently live 5 hours from the lake. 5 hours, people! But we've been lucky enough that we have driven back to the lake every single weekend since June 1st. Except this weekend. So what do I do on a Friday night when I'm not on my way to the lake:
Yes. What you're thinking is correct. THIS could explain many aspects of this blog post.
But in all honesty, I'm a lakegirl at heart.

I live for the quiet mornings at the lake. Coffee on the deck. Calm water. Early morning ski runs. Afternoons spent in the hot sun on the water. Early evening pontoon rides. Family dinners. Campfires. Movie nights. Shotzki. 10:00 am beer following a ski run. Games. Walks with mom. Chambord cosmos. Sleeping with the windows open. Moonlit pontoon rides. No real showers because we wash our hair in the lake. Sunburned noses. Relaxation.

Some people don't get it. They just don't, which is ok. "To each his own." But THIS is the reason we drive 10 hours every weekend. THIS is what we love. [THIS is the reason I've been so absent from my blog since June.} THIS is who I am and it's perfect and I love it.

How cool is my family? How great is this place?

Lucky girl. Thanks for reading. Happy Friday.

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