Thursday, July 25, 2013

The DOs and DON'Ts of being Husband-less

Guess who's blogging right now? Can you believe it? You know it's bad when even your dad and grandma have commented on how you haven't been kickin it in blogland recently. (My words not theirs.) Well, sorry to disappoint but I'm back! Or maybe you didn't even notice my absence. If you're truly interested, stop back tomorrow for an update - who, what, where, when, and why - everything I've been up to that has kept me away from my bloggy blog the past few weeks.

No blah update tonight, because tonight, we talk about being husband-less. 

Husband-less: (adj) the state of lacking your husband for a period of time.

Since mine is gone until Sunday and I don't head home until tomorrow, I'm husband-less and alone tonight. Alone sounds like such a dreary, depressing word, but, in all honesty, I sometimes love it. I've always been a person who treasures time I get to myself. I can choose to waste the time away reading. I can choose to get a lot of cleaning and laundry done. I can choose to paint my nails while eating chocolate and watching a chick-flick. I don't mind it every once in awhile. It's precious time so I try to enjoy it. Make the most of it. I like to keep these things in mind when choosing how to spend the time:

DO make a list of everything you want to accomplish/enjoy during your evening alone.

DO watch something your better half would never agree to watching.

DON'T watch Law & Order SVU. Unless you plan on flinching every time you hear a teeny noise.

DO drink wine.

DON'T leave the empty wine bottles on your counter as evidence. ;)

DO something you shouldn't. 
I don't mean you should rob a bank or do anything slutty. Drink a bottle of wine. Or walk around in a baggy tshirt & your underwear. Or eat breakfast for dinner with your wine. Or if you're like me, do all 3.

DON'T flip through your wedding photo album while listening to Sara Bareilles and drinking wine. 

DO have 4 teary-eyed minutes to yourself before moving on if you do the aforementioned "don't".

DON'T accomplish everything on your previously-created list.
If you do accomplish everything, you haven't relaxed enough or drank near enough wine.


I speak from experience. From one chickybabe to another, choose to DO what makes you happy. Because the best part is, whatever you choose to pass the time, noone else will know!
Life update on the blog tomorrow!


  1. Husband-less time isn't very fun, but you have some great ideas for what to do when the husband is away :)


  2. Love this post! PS we need to drink wine together sometime!!


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