Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wildcard Wednesday {CO-HOST}

Welcome to Wildcard Wednesday!


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Monday, June 10, 2013

5 things I do for my blog that have nothing to do with blogging

We blog about our life, right? I'm not DIYing some old house renovation or trying and creating one recipe a day. I just write about life and I love that. Funny moments, happy times, good food, new lip gloss, and adventures are the things that make my life interesting. I blog because I think that those things make my life blessed and I want to share it. 
It's hard to find a balance between the two really. Life and blogging. Because if you're not out there living, you're eventually going to run out of things to blog about. All you're going to have in your life is your blog and you can only blog about blogging so many times :)
I'm still learning. But really, aren't we all still learning? I'm still trying to find that balance between writing the blog posts I want to write and enjoying life. I love my iphone, but sometimes it feels really good to watch Pretty Little Liars and not worry about my twitter feed. And I suppose I don't have to upload every delicious dessert and cocktail to my instafeed. I'm still working on finding that balance and I realize that there are some things I do for my blog that have nothing to do with blogging. They don't get my more readers or pageviews and they don't involve Passionfruit or link-ups. But if I didn't do these things I would be one starving, stressed-out, no-fun chica and who wants to read a blog with that as an About blurb?
5 things I do for my blog that have nothing to do with blogging:
Spend time with my husband
Cook and clean
In the past few weeks, I've been doing a lot of thinking about how to find that balance between these things and writing about them on my blog. They make me who I am and I've missed writing in order to share them in our blogging world. But my free time has been a little preoccupied the past 2 weeks. I'll share why later this week. Should I call it an Announcement? People, always come back for that, right? Ok, here it goes: Come back for an announcement!
Until then, a recap in pictures:

Happy Monday!

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