Thursday, May 9, 2013

Because who doesn't love a quickie every now + then?

It's been one of those days.. more like one of those weeks. One of those weeks where you've got all these plans for things you are going to accomplish, spaces you will organize, dust you will clean, and then it happens. 'It' meaning 'life'. Life happens and life gets in the way of all your plans! Goshdarn, life!

My point: I had this great post planned for today - "Things I have learned since I started blogging". My blog-beginning wasn't that long ago and sometimes it's nice to share even basic-newbie blogging lessons learned. I was going to link up here. I was going to read all the other posts of the link-ups and learn bucket-loads about how to make my blog successful!

It snuck up on me. Life this week was crazy. And I didn't write that post. And I haven't gotten my H54F post ready yet. And I haven't finished editing my guest post for this blog that I really should have completed for tomorrow. Aaagghhh. I am currently the lead role on the struggle bus right now.

Things I am currently struggling with:

My wine. On so many different levels.
1. I've been on a new (and much-needed) healthy kick and wine is just empty calories but it is oh-so delicious.
2. Every morning I tell myself it would be easier to get out of bed if I didn't have a glass (or two) of wine last night. But every night I tell myself it will be so enjoyable to have just one. And it is enjoyable. It just makes my bed feel that much cozier the next morning.

The fact that I've started liking to type my blog posts in centered alignment, but it used to drive me nuts to read a blog like that!

I have to drive 8 hours tomorrow.

I can't remember the last time we cleaned our apartment. Wait, yes I can. It was April 21st and that was way too long ago.

I didn't want to write a blog post. And it bugs me that I had to force myself to do it. Although, once I've started it's fun and easy-peasy. I wonder if it's the glass of Riesling that is helping. Either way, I'm struggling with the fact that I didn't get to read some of my favorite blogs, or respond to comments, or write the posts I wanted to write this week.
I have done laundry every night this week and we still have a full hamper I have to do before we leave for the weekend.
Again, I'm on this new healthy kick and you know what sounds delicious? Chips + salsa, frozen yogurt, mexican food, and pizza. No, I'm not preggers, just a famished girl wanting what I can't have.
My to-do list.

I keep getting texts from JL Beers and Zorbaz. They were two of our favorites from before we moved and everytime we get a text I am reminded that I can't just drive there and eat their delicious food right now. Never heard of them? Google it. Deeeeelicious.

So there ya go. Although I had a potentially well-thought-out, narrative, and descriptive blog post somewhat planned for today, you were left with this one. Short & sweet. A quickie. Because who doesn't love a quickie every now and then? ;)

And yes, the reflection in the photo is my own hand / iphone taking a picture of myself. So you wanna be friends then?


  1. Pretty picture of you! :)

  2. This sounds exactly like my life, except I need to be on a health kick!

  3. I have weeks that sound just like this too! Well, minus the 8 hour drive. You have fun with that one ;)

  4. I've started using center alignment a lot more too even though I hated it! And I could never diet. I love food too much! I also usually do all of my blog posts ahead of time because there's always one or two days a week that I just wanna write my butt off and get like five posts done haha.


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