Tuesday, May 21, 2013

10 things that make me happy!

It's my first time linking up with Tuesday Topics with Lauren and Tiffany!

I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with today's topic - Ten things that make me happy...

Real, material things? People? Food? Moments? A feeling? A habit? There's so much happiness to choose from. 

So I just chose 10, with no rhyme or reason, and ended up with quite the conglomeration. 
Without further ado... my Ten Happys:

1 // The smell of homemade chocolate chip cookies and the taste of that first sip of coffee in the morning or wine in the evening. 

2 // Math + numbers + budgets + organizing. Yes, I might be an OCD nerd.

3 // DWTS Freestyle routines. {Honestly, I probably just thought of this because I'm watching DWTS now, but I just LOVE their freestyle routines every season!}

4 // The lake. My true happy place.

5 // Freshly-washed sheets on my bed. {Which reminds me, it's Monday evening as I'm writing this and that brand spankin newly-made bed is calling my name!}

6 // New accessories - anything from Essie nail polish, to a $5 Target fedora, to a Coach purse.

7 // Getting completely caught up in a book. I have very eclectic taste - anything from The Hunger Games to 50 Shades of Grey to Harry Potter to Karen Kingsbury novels.

8 // Gilmore Girls. 

9 // The Limited. I think 80% of my closet has come from The Limited.

10 // A good sweat session. I might not always want to do it or love it but it sure makes me feel happy afterwards.

Even just writing this post made me happy :)


  1. Chocolate chip cookies=heaven!

    Love your blog! Very cute!

  2. Chocolate chip cookies + coffee = happiness. That's all you need in life. I've never been a big wine fan, so I think that sets me in the oddball blogger category right there.

  3. I haven't watched DWTS since Kelly Monaco won in season one. And for some reason, this year, Can't.stop.watching. And Kellie Pickler's freestyle last night? Crying. Beautiful beautiful thing.

    Gilmore Girls=perfection

  4. Ohhh I miss new episodes of Gilmore Girls!

  5. I'm stopping by from The Collective to thank you for co-hosting and let you know I started following on google friend connect. I used to love Gilmore Girls :)

    Ashley @ http://downsizingashley.blogspot.com/

  6. I love love love Gilmore Girls! I have all the seasons and still pop em in and watch them! I love all this...except math. I am terrible at math!

  7. I love GG so much too!!! It's probably my favorite show. :-) Fresh clean sheets are wonderful too!

  8. I just found your blog and that made me happy! :) I also love accessories and a freshly made bed...even more so when someone helps me put on the sheets!

  9. Oh I agree with everything but no. 2. No. 2 makes me sweat. And that's not pretty. ;)

  10. Getting caught up in a book is the best! I love the feeling of simply NOT being able to put it down!


  11. i loved having a limited store here, but sadly, it closed. we just have express, which is alright. but there was a kind of classiness at the limited that i loved.

  12. I love your happy list and I'm seriously loving your outfit/hair in that last picture :) Your list made ME happy! Now I'm dying to go watch some GG!


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