Tuesday, April 9, 2013

that one night when we were domestic

i don't know why, but i've started writing this post like 3 different times and just deleted what i wrote every single time. so let's make this simple: i don't consider myself a 'cook'.
{fyi: if i were posting this as a picture on instagram, i would hashtag 'latergram'. this post is based on a true-life experience dating back to january of this year.}

i can cook. and i'm even talking about more than a frozen pizza or box of mac n cheese. i have baked a ham, chicken and swiss, chicken parmesan, homemade pizza, and many different types of casseroles. it's just not something that comes easy for me. it feels like work, especially when i'd rather be reading, shopping, or (heck) even shaving my legs. no, scratch that last one. i'd rather cook than shave my legs. THAT is a lot of work.

it requires planning, making a list, going to the grocery store where i always end up buying more than what's on my list, sometimes lots of chopping, and getting the timing down perfectly so that the chicken doesn't get cold while i'm still waiting for the water for the noodles to come to a boil. phew.

the thing is though, all these steps can actually be fun when i'm not trying to do them at 5:12 pm on a tuesday evening. cooking is actually kind of enjoyable when there aren't other things like jobs that get in the way. so one weekend, my friend came to visit me: saturday noonish until monday morning. we had all weekend for girl time: manicures, shopping, wine, etc. so instead of going out to eat where we'd inevitably spend $40 after waiting for a table and only have one glass of wine since we'd have to drive home, we decided to actually try some recipes we'd pinned on pinterest. don't even get me started about all the things i pin on pinterest but never actually do. pinterest is, essentially, a never-ending to-do list. but i love it anyway.

so we pinned. we planned. we searched. we googled cooking-jargon that we were reading on these recipes but had never heard before. and we eventually came up with our menu for the evening. off to the grocery store we went where we spent $60+ on all our supplies. we came home and chopped, stirred, mixed, talked, had drinks, and sang along with music all while prepping our 5-course meal. we had an absolute blast and the food was delicious! from that evening on we refer to that famous night as "that one night when we were domestic".

i certainly do not consider myself a pro at this 'planning and cooking a whole meal from scratch with one other person" thing. but our domestic evening turned out to be pretty successful. so, not only will i share our menu with you, i will also share some generic pointers + advice + tweaks that i will carry over to use in my next domestic adventure. this is not in any way meant to be educational.

how to be domestic with your best friend + the pinterest pictures that were our inspiration for the evening:
step 1: make your drink of choice to enjoy while slaving away in the kitchen. although it may not add to your level of productivity, it does calm your nerves and add a whole 'nother level of fun. we chose the cosmopolitan champagne cocktail:
source: pinterest. click link above.
step 2: one person must absolutely begin chopping asap. i bet jeanne, my partner-in-crime, spent 11/14 of our total cooking time with a knife, cutting board, and a tomato or pepper. she chopped all the deliciousness for our bruschetta recipe:
source: pinterest. click link above.
step 3: if your menu involves meat, the other person should begin browning or cooking the meat. it's something easy to do at the beginning that can be set aside until ready to use for the main dish. i started cooking our chicken to get ready for our chicken lettuce wraps recipe:
source: pinterest. click link above.
step 4: if you plan to make a queso dish like we did, start melting your cheeses as soon as you can take your eyes off your cooking meat for a second. there's a whoooole lotta cheese that goes into a queso recipe and you want to be careful to melt it slowly in order to avoid burning or sticking to the pan:
source: pinterest. click link above.
step 5: wrap up the loose ends for your meal: mix, stir, get your sides ready, refill your drinks, and get out the dishes you'll be using. serve, enjoy, and savor everything you've done!

our action shots:

and our final result:

my brother and his bff/gf come to visit in a week and a half. while the boys are hunting, we're planning pedis by day and a cooking adventure by night. i must start searching pinterest now! 

do you have any ideas for something fun & yummy we should make?

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  1. I would say well done! Not going to lie Bruschetta is my favorite thing to eat. That looks so good. I recommend putting a bit of skim mozza on top and baking them for about 10 minutes after. So delicious if you haven't already tried that. Your cocktails look enticing as well! Well done.


  2. all of that looks sooooo good! I am hungry all over again.

  3. Kristin (LakeMom)April 10, 2013 at 7:51 AM

    For a self-described "not-good-at-cooking-girl" I think you and your partner in crime should get some kudos for that meal! Perhaps you need to indulge more often in girl-time (and singing)in the kitchen!

  4. I am not great in a kitchen either, but this meal makes me want to get in a kitchen (and to be honest just magically be ready) but I would cook with you!!! NOM!


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