Wednesday, April 10, 2013

national sibling day 2013

happy national sibling day!

"national sibling day is a day to honor, appreciate and cherish all brothers and sisters..."

my (little) bro has been in my life for the past 21+ years. i've only lived 2.5 years of my life without having a little brother. that's sort of weird to think about, isn't it? i have been a sister for the majority of my life. i have been lucky enough that as we've gotten older, my brother is not only my brother, but also my friend

we grew up together. 
i slammed his fingers in the door. 
he told on me when i stole a plastic colored chip from ben franklin, even though i stole one for him, too
we rode our bikes around our basement. 
i called him "boardo" because i couldn't say his name (which is ward). 
we put on shows for our grandparents. 
we cheered each other on at sporting events. 
as we've gotten older i go to him for advice. he has me look over his resume. 
his 'chill' personality helps me relax at times.
he is one of my biggest fans and i am one of his. 
i could not describe how incredibly proud i am of him or how thankful i am to have him in my life.

so wardo, happy national sibling day. you're the best little bro a girl could have.

our whole fam.
maybe your siblings are your biological brothers or sisters like my brother. or maybe your siblings are your friends because you're so close. maybe it's your sister-in-law who's so awesome she feels like a sister. maybe it's the neighbor boy you grew up with that's not your 'real' brother, but feels like your brother. maybe it's a girl who isn't your 'real' sister but whose family has taken you in and she has become the best sister you could ever ask for. 

whoever it is, take a couple minutes today to tell them you love them and that you're glad they're in your life. happy wednesday :)


  1. Kristin (LakeMom)April 10, 2013 at 4:03 PM

    OK so you made me cry....but in a good way:)You two definitely are blessed. AND I am going to send my sibs a note to tell them how blessed I am too! National siblings Day....who'd a thunk!

  2. This was so great!!! You are so lucky to be so close with your brother. I am the same way with my little sister. She is the greatest and I can't imagine life without her!


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