Monday, April 29, 2013

My cry for help

I don't like change. I mean, really, who does? I'm perfectly content with my morning routine, the way I brush my teeth, and the brand of tampons I use. I always order a grande half-hazelnut half-marshmallow skim latte. I always walk around the track a few times before starting my workout. I always get a glass of water right when I get out of bed in the morning. If things don't change, then I know what to expect and I can always be prepared. 
That being said, I've been preparing to run one leg of the 4-person relay at this marathon! Exciting, right? Yep, sure.

My hubs, my brother, his girlfriend, and I decided earlier this spring that we should run the 4-person relay. 

The 26.2 miles are divided into 4 unequal parts. This was the breakdown:
Leg #1: 7.25 miles
Leg #2: 6.50 miles
Leg #3: 6.75 miles
Leg #4: 5.7 miles

Take a wild guess which adventurous leg I'm running... 

We decided my hubs should run first. He ran the half-marathon last year so 7.25 miles should be easy-peasy and he will know what to expect at the starting line. Then we decided my brother should run the next longest one, the third leg, because all he needs to do to train is throw on some tennis shoes and make sure he has a clean shirt to wear. That left me and Alyssa to choose between the last 2 legs. She's bad-ass and I'm a wanna-be so I think we decided that I would be the biggest asset to our team if I ran the final stretch (the important part being it was the shortest distance).

Ok, I can do this, I told myself.

This picture has nothing to do with this post.
First problem, I procrastinate. I should have been training for the past couple weeks, or even months, but have not been. Now it's 3 weeks until race day and I've finally realized the importance of getting in some good runs over the next few weeks. So I went to the gym this morning, ran 3.7 miles, and was feeling pretty motivated on our way home so decided to check out the marathon website for some information about the part of the course that would be my part, the final leg.
Imagine my concern when the website showed that the breakdown for the 4-person relay has been changed to this:
Leg #1: 5.25 miles
Leg #2: 6.50 miles
Leg #3: 6.75 miles
Leg #4: 7.7 miles

Sheer panic. Sweaty palms. (Actually sweaty all over because I just did cardio for 45 minutes). 
7.7 miles?! Everything I've been training for and expecting changed! I immediately e-mailed the director of the marathon for instructions on how (or even if) we can change our registration so that my hubs and I can switch places. I have not heard back. I will probably continue to stalk send this person daily e-mails until I get a response.

I don't know why I'm writing a post about this. 
Maybe it's my way of coping with the change and what is yet to come...? 
Maybe it's a cry for help...? 

In all seriousness, any running/race-day advice or tips from anyone with experience?


  1. Don't be afraid! I just ran my first half-marathon and once you're in the race and get into the zone you'll forget you're even running. It may seem hard in training, but on race day everything disappears and adrenaline will carry you through! Good luck! I hope you have a great race no matter the distance!

  2. oh no! That would make me really nervous too! It's true tho, you do get in that zone so maybe this is a good thing. I push you might not have given yourself?! Keep up with the training. I once read the way to win a race is to train at 80% of the distance. On race day adrenaline and all your training will take you the last 20%. maybe that helps the 7.7 feel better :))

  3. You guys are going to have so much fun!!! :) I ran the half last year without training...SUPER awful idea (tendinitis in the feet, now I have to wear orthotics...really quite the ordeal) so you're already set for success.


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