Thursday, April 11, 2013

let's start a movement: 31-hour days!

24-hours in a day is just simply not enough! am i right?

the way i see it, a 24-hour day actually becomes a 17-hour day. a girl's gotta sleep! and that's only based on 7 hours of sleep. i function best off of 8. prefer to function off of 9. aim for 7.
wake up at 5, go to bed around 10, and in between there's a whole lotta work, exercise, cleaning, blogging, reading, budget-ing, laundry, essential shopping, etc that i feel like i'm always rushing through! 

now, just try to imagine: what if each day could have 31 hours? it'd be absolutely perfect. 

there'd probably be a lot more of...


and this:

and this:

i'm sort of kidding.

in all serious-ness though, if i had a 31-hour day maybe i'd actually do some pinterest projects, clean more often, exercise everyday, and enjoy cooking. here's how i would make time for those things and spend my 31 hours of perfection in case you were wondering:

9 hours: sleeping
2 hours: morning coffee
2 hours: morning workout
2 hours: cleaning up our place & getting ready for the day
3 hours: running necessary errands
1 hour: running uneccesary errands <-- i am not even kidding, i tried spelling unneccessary 4 different times and couldn't come up with the right combination of n's, c's, and s's so there ya go, i give up. plus, now i'm reminded of the traumatizing moment in 5th grade when that was the word that i couldn't spell to win the spelling bee for my team. some things don't change.
1 hour: unpack purchases & put them away in an organized manner
4 hours: doing some work to take care of the books for my husband's potential business.
2 hours: prepping for dinner and/or baking for my family.
1 hour: dinner and clean-up.
2 hours: family time to play a game, go for a walk, shoot baskets outside... husband/wife time ;) 
to talk people! get your head out of the gutter!
1 hour: get ready for bed and wrap up some things.
1 hour: read/relax before bed.

i think i would go to bed feeling accomplished and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized. wouldn't that 31-hour day just work perfectly? who's with me?


  1. Amen. I would love that. Although i'm sure i'd figure out how to use all 31 hours in a day... then wish for more all over again ;)


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