Friday, April 12, 2013

H54F #4 | high five for friday!

it's one of those weeks for me where it's friday, but it feels more like thursday. which is great, because friday is toooootally better than thursday. 

1 // up until last night i was an essie virgin. never worn it, never bought it, never even held a bottle of it in my hands. i'm a huge opi fan, myself, because of the great colors and it's good quality and it lasts. but so far i am loving this muchi muchi so i hope it holds up well.

2 // i love this picture i snapped the other night just looking out our window. what i love most about it is that it was after 8:00 pm. having more hours of sunshine each day is oh-so-good for the soul.

3 // limited coupons came in the mail (with a lot of pictures of spring trends i am loving). i guess i'll have to go shopping. note to self: buy more at the limited so i get these coupons more often.

4 // i'm running a marathon relay in may with parks, my brother, and his girlfriend. my leg of the race is 5.7 miles which sounds miniscule compared to the 26.2 that the marathoners are running; however, right now i can run about 3. race is in 5 weeks. so there's that. tips appreciated.

5 // time with my husband last night. he didn't even realize i took a picture because he was so engulfed in the frozen four hockey game last night. my husband is a hockey fanatic, therefore i am as well. 

this weekend i'm thinking time for some spring cleaning [even though IT SNOWED HERE LAST NIGHT]. but you might remember i'm boycotting winter. so spring cleaning it is and maybe we'll even have some margs on the patio just to persuade mother nature to get her crap together.

how was your week? do you still have snow too or are you busting out spring sandals?
have a happy weekend!

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  1. I can't think of a better way to tell winter to get lost than drinking margs outside! Great nail polish color, too!

  2. A marathon relay?! Never heard of that before but I like it!! That's a marathon I could down on! Loving the Essie polish, their my fave. Hehe, men are so funny with their sports obsessions!! Happy weekend friend!

  3. Team Essie all the way ;)

  4. i think a relay is a great way to participate in a marathon event! 5.7 miles is still quite an achievement! be proud girl!

  5. I am loving that nail polish color!
    Happy Friday!
    Stop by some time

  6. I love that polish color...but I'm an OPI gal myself, never held a bottle of Essie either ;-)


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