Tuesday, April 23, 2013

five things

I was tagged by the fun and beautiful Julie at Becoming a Navy Wife to join in the fun and share five facts about myself! 

Here we go. Short and sweet.

1. No, I do not want a lemon in my water. I want my ice water to taste crisp, clean, and fresh - not yellow, pulpy, and citrusy.
2. Yo hablo espanol. Not really. But I used to be really good at Spanish in high school and college and sometimes my weird brain will hear a phrase and for someone say it to myself in Spanish. Loco!
3. I'm stubborn. When something's bugging me I can not, by any means, let it go and move on to other things. 
Good, bad, or ugly, it's part of my personality.
4. I love math. I love numbers. I love making our budget and balancing our checkbook. 
I do not like things that use the other side of my brain - like art.
5. I used to dance - ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop. It was my first true passion. Miss it like crazy.
So there you have it. Whether you wanted to know or not :)

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I've got some good eats & delicious recipes on this week's blog menu {pun intended}, so make sure you stop back!


  1. No. I do not want a lemon in my water either. I hate that they hardly ever ask you whether or not you want one - I can never take it out of my water glass fast enough hahah. I feel the same way about pickles on the side of my sandwich - no, thank you.

  2. i am stubborn too! and i was in dance when i was little but never took ballet and always wanted to and still wish I did!

  3. Oooh, like you, I love making budgets!

  4. Your blog is so cute!


  5. hahaha you remind me so much of myself. Probably why we be friends :) Such good facts! I am glad you participated it is a fun little excuse for a post!


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