Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Because who doesn't love pretty labels...

I'm also guest posting a related post over at Limited Space Organizing today so you should hop over there, too!

I love to organize. That's definitely no secret. There's something about a recipe binder or tubs of seasonal decorations organized by holiday that really make me swoon. I love it even more if it looks pretty, too. So when I was working on organizing our bathroom shelves and linen closet, I wanted something that was easy to maintain and fun to look at everyday. 

We have a cabinet on our bathroom countertop where we keep most 'everyday' things - i.e. contact solution, washcloths, medicine, etc. We also have a huge closet in our kitchen (which also happens to be right outside our bathroom; it's a one-bedroom apartment, people). This closet is quite the jack-of-all -trades - we use it as storage for rarely-used appliances / linens / pantry items / extra toiletries. I like to use under-sink shelving and plastic totes to store my toiletry items, and it works really well until my hubby can never remember where he got something so the travel-size contact solution ends up mixed in with my extra eyeshadow. Bless his heart :) 

So I decided to make some labels for our totes and got completely inspired when I saw this post here at IHeart Organizing. I finally learned what the funky font is that she uses (it's called Ultra - download it here) and I created some labels in Excel.

It was super easy and now I smile every time I see those little babies rockin out in our closet :)

Here's what you need:

Cardstock paper + Excel to make your labels
Scrapbooking / patterned paper
Laminator or laminating sheets
Velcro fasteners
Glue stick or double stick tape

1. Create your labels in Excel as Word Art. 
Insert Word Art --> Right-click the Word Art & click Format Text which brings you to this screen:
In this screen you can edit your Font (I used Ultra, size 96), Text Fill (I used different desktop patterns that I downloaded from the internet), and your Text Line which is the border around the font (I used all different combinations to keep them really colorful). None of the other options in this screen need to be used when you're just going to print the labels out.

2. Print your labels onto cardstock paper and cut them out. I was able to fit all mine on 2 sheets so there was minimal waste.

3. Use your glue stick or double sided tape to stick your labels onto patterned paper and cut them out. 
I used small sheets of scrapbooking paper that I bought at Target. When I cut out my labels I made sure to cut so that the unused part of the patterned sheet of paper could be used for a different project and not be wasted.

4. Laminate your labels. I don't have a laminator so I just used laminating sheets which was pretty easy since I could fit them all on one.

5. Cut out your labels. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface where you are going to place your labels. I used 3M Velcro Fasteners to stick the labels to the crate and they worked really well.
Pretty AND practical:

Do you have any favorite pieces that you use to organize or love the way you've organized a certain space of yours? Leave a comment or contact me and let me know!


  1. A girl after my own heart!! I do love organizing. These bins look incredible. I've been wondering how to make these cute labels...so thanks for the tutorial. Yours turned out great!

  2. I love labeling. It makes my heart happy :)

  3. I love labeling, too. This is a great idea.

  4. Soo cute!!! I am OBSESSED with organizing and although I haven't ventured into labeling quite yet I do have six of the EXACT same bins all neatly separated by category. It is an obsession and I hate when my hubby destroys it as he does not share the same affinity for organization that I do. lol.

  5. I love an organized mind, just wish I had your mad math skills too. Nice job!


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