Saturday, April 13, 2013

after reading this you might not want to be my friend anymore

what are you passionate about?

there have been many times i've asked myself that question. why does it seem like such a hard question? i could tell you some of my hobbies, but am i passionate about them? i used to dance in high school and college. i was definitely passionate about that but it's not really a large part of my life anymore. my life is pretty average. a normal day includes exercise, work, a little cooking or cleaning, relaxation, and bedtime. i'm not in any clubs or sports or the like.

what are you passionate about?

it's super easy to answer that question for someone else. for example, my husband: he's passionate about hockey, sports, lifestyle wellness, and working with kids. i could go on and on and on about the reasons why i can tell he feels strongly about these things and wants to influence others in these areas. oh, and i'm sure he's passionate about me too :)

one night when i was thinking about this question i asked him what he would say i'm passionate about. who better to ask then my best friend in life and love? so he looked at me with that sort of huh? look and of course said "what do you mean?" and i said, "well if you were to describe to someone the things in life that your wife is passionate about, what would they be?" and here's what he said - and he numbered them in this order:

1. budgets
2. blogging
3. shopping
4. her husband's interests
5. being clean
6. family
7. being at the lake

hah! i laughed! how laaaame do i sound? budgets? being clean? serrrriously???

so he's just sitting there like what did i say that's so funny and then, i stopped laughing, looked at him, and said "well i guess you're right, though." because he is right.

1. i love budgets. i got my college degree in math so i love numbers, i like creating budget guidelines. (i don't so much like following them but you gotta get rich somehow!) i pay bills and manage our budget because i really kind of like doing it for the most part. and i'm pretty darn good at it, too.

2. blogging, obvs. i'm new to this whole other world in blogland but i love reading people thoughts, getting new ideas, and meeting new people. i can't wait to learn more and more as i continue.

3. he's right, i do love to shop. i love clothes, accessories, shoes, candles, bedding, even cleaning supplies (see number 6 above). target is my haven.

4. i think this is just part of loving someone. their interests become your interests. i would give anything for my husband to fulfill his dream of someday owning and running his own wellness facility. when you see someone's eyes light up when they talk about something you realize that you will do anything to help them get there.

5. i think that he meant being clean in our home and not things like showering and wearing deoderant. i don't mind cleaning and i like to live in a clean space. i do mind cleaning if it involves the bathroom for some reason. i always head into that baby fully-covered in rubber gloves up to my elbows.

6. my family are seriously my best friends. i feel so lucky for my relationship with my brother, the fact that we both enjoy our parents like they're our friends, and that my brother and i have both found love with 2 people who fit in perfectly.

7. the lake is my paradise. if everyday of my life was sunny, 80 degrees, and spent at the lake my life would be complete.

so maybe my passions are lame and maybe my life is just average but, man, am i blessed or what? i urge you to think about the reason you're here, acknowledge your passions, and celebrate your life. capeesh?

so maybe i'm boring and you might not want to be friends anymore and maybe you'll stop following me on bloglovin ;) but this is my life and i love it.  


  1. I think your passions are awesome :) and I share a lot of them! I love the lake (my parents live on one) I LOVE shopping, and family!!


  2. I can't imagine anyone would want to stop being friends with you after this - if anything, I want you to create a budget for me now! And then take me to the lake with you (I've never lived near a beach, more of a beach girl).

  3. You are doing great with the blogging part! Is a really "cool" world. So hope you stick with it! :)

  4. fear not, you're still awesome ;)

    LOL @ budgets. I can't even make fun of you though since I am the exact same way

  5. I want to be your friend, your family is precious! New follower :)

  6. I would like to be your friend! I am stopping in from wildcard wednesday and am your newest follower on bloglovin :) can't wait to read more about you and get to know you a little more!


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