Sunday, March 17, 2013

to spin or not to spin

in the quiet of the morning, over a nice hot cup of coffee, i think. i think about a lot of things. in order to get you up to speed, here was my thought process:

it's so quiet when parker is still sleeping.
i love the mornings.
i never used to even be awake in the mornings.
i've learned so much since college.
i never would have guessed we'd end up here.
i like our tiny, little one-bedroom apartment.

i should really get some more decorations on our walls.
i should go on pinterest to get some more ideas.
i probably shouldn't go on pinterest because i have things i have to do today.
there's so little time in a day between work, blogging, cleaning, working out...
i guess i haven't worked out in awhile.
i should get back into a good routine.
maybe i should try a new class.
i tried spin class once.

i enjoyed the class. between the panting, burning legs, and dripping sweat i had a really good time. later that day i told myself i was going to do the spin class every monday. every monday morning at 5:30 am. 

the next day, my quads were not the only part of my body that was sore. i've never gone horseback riding but i think i know how it would feel to travel around the world by horseback. because that's how i felt. ouch. i haven't been back to the spin class since that day.

which brings me here: to spin or not to spin? 
part of me says 'spin'. if i start going every monday, i could look like this:
another part of me says maybe i should try something less painful. like running 20 miles. that would be less painful that spin class i think. or yoga. maybe i'll try yoga. 

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  1. haha! "20miles of running". I need to get to a spin class at my gym! They are always the same time as my other favorite classes so I never go. Even tho the soreness sounds like hell, I've got to give it a try!


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