Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the night i was horrible and nosy

tonight was going to be a nice, relaxing evening, spent at the local barnes and noble. i was going to read lovely blogs, creep on social media, and write a great, inspiring blog post of my own. dun dun dun.

i packed up my things while parks put on his gym clothes.
he dropped me at barnes and noble and headed off to the Y.
i innocently took out my laptop for some personal computer time.
the first 15-20 minutes were great. josh groban playing over the speakers in the background, soft chatter of the other coffee-shop-goers around me, the faint smell of coffee grounds... picture perfect.

then it happened.
chatty mcchatterson arrived. looooord have mercy. and he wouldn't stop talking about his visions.
then, once my ears were opened to all the excitement surrounding me, i realized the japanese conversation that was happening just 2 tables down from me.
then one of the two boho chic guys at another table spilled his coffee and it literally sprayed all over the japanese-talking folk. meanwhile, his friend immediately began taking a picture of the spill situation and cleaning session that followed (which i would assume is now posted on instagram somewhere).

needless to say, one of my character flaws traits is that i eavesdrop. oops. i swear, i can not help it. i don't do it on purpose. although i don't always try very hard to make it stop. but i promise, i just can't help it.

in my defense: it's not just me. parks and i are like steve carell and tina fey on the movie date night. we could probably spend an entire coffee date together listening to other people's conversations. we communicate with each other via looks / eyebrow raises in reaction to innocent bystanders' conversations. and honestly, we'd probably have more fun and be more entertained than if we just had a conversation of our own. i like to tell myself it's not horrible of us. i like to think it's cute and quirky.

so, today's blog post will not be great and inspiring and lovely. it will be short and sweet because, frankly,i've spent so much time watching everyone around me that i've run out of time.
(plus, more innocent people keep showing up and i've got to get myself out of here before i latch on to their stories, too.)

great song that makes me happy:

it might not be brand new, but it's new to me and, currently, it's my jam. 
great message: a new pair of shoes can be life-changing. 
you don't have to tell me twice. preach it brotha.


  1. Love this song! I just downloaded it! It's one of my favs. Your post had me cracking up! l swear I have ADD and am exactly the same way! Once one person gets me distracted, it's a downward spiral! lol. Too funny!

  2. I haven't thought of that song in forever! Thanks for making me smile today; that song is so good!


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