Saturday, March 9, 2013

The day i accomplished nothing {outside of cyber-world, that is}

new look! whaddya think?? 

i like it. i think it looks clean... crisp... fresh (it sounds like i'm talking about a head of lettuce right now....?)

i do like it, though. work in progress since i'm still a newbie on the blogging block but baby steps, people.
tips / advice / thoughts are mucho appreciated.


so anyway, i feel guilty because i've baaaasically been doing nothing other than this since i woke up this morning.

wake up, get coffee {never, ever forget that part}, do things on my computer until 11:30, finally shower, eat a bowl of reese's puffs, slap on some face powder, pack up my potential, and end up here: 
where i continue to spend more time on my computer, blogging with a caramel frap, surrounded by a whole variety of other fish in the sea to people-watch at the local barnes & noble.

here's the thing, i'm sick. super, yucky, feel like crapola sick. {did i also mention my husband has been gone ice-fishing since thursday and so i don't even have anyone to whine to or take care of me???????}

i should be sleeping. or at least sitting on the couch spending quality time with my blankie and netflix; but i can't. i have instead kept myself busy on my macbook all day. i have a problem. 

hi, my name is samantha, and i have a problem. i can't do nothing.

that's not just really bad, double-negative, trailer-trash grammar. i mean, i can't 'do nothing'.

i can't sit on the couch and watch netflix. i can't fall asleep during the day. i can't stop thinking about everything i could be getting done during precious daytime hours. i used to 'do nothing' all the time in college. i could spend a full saturday with the oc, or gilmore girls, or really any other tv drama on netflix and not worry about the studying, papers, laundry, and so on that i could be completing.

i think there are two issues here:

issue #1: type-a personalities. guilty as charged. perfectionism at its finest. nuff said.

issue #2: this whole 'growing up' thing. lots of grown-up things are cool: marriage, wine, your own place..... {can't really think of anything else on the spot here ;) } but there are also things like bills, cleaning your own place, jobs, and whatnot that certainly are not always at the top of my "things i think are cool" list.

it can be so easy to get caught up in these things, especially in a society that's always trying to get done as many things as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. a person can easily forget that it's ok to have a little r&r. it's ok to not have a perfectly-thought-out plan. it's ok if at 4:00 in the afternoon you realize you've done nothing but blog, read blogs, and consume coffee, cold medicine, reese's puffs, and a caramel frappucino.

we need to let our minds wander. we need to daydream. we need to take some time to not think at all. i need to challenge myself to do these things. have some r&r. enjoy life, including down-time, without getting caught up in just getting things done.

i truly believe it can make us more focused, happy, healthy people in the long run.

my point: today i have accomplished nothing {outside of cyber-world} and i'm ok with it.
tonight's agenda: a glass of wine and parenthood on the couch.

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