Friday, March 29, 2013

H54F #3 | my favorite things on friday! + LOTS of pictures

here are some of my favorite things from the month of march! 

first time this season that i went to watch my husband's weekly men's league hockey game. i was one of about 8 other spectators in the entire arena but it's fun to watch him do something he loves:

spring hat weather. and sunshine. they both feel so good at the end of a long ND winter:

ham and broccoli royale. or in other words, one of the best dinners i've ever made. read about how good it was and how much my husband loved it here:

pi(e) day on march 14th. i posted about it here. the former math teacher in me had to celebrate this day somehow. chocolate cream and banana cream pies for the guys at work:

my husband (parker, parks for short) and my brother (ward) stuffing the chicken with prosciutto ham and provolone cheese. they cooked dinner for me and my brother's girlfriend (alyssa) last weekend: 
below, you will see what we were doing while they were prepping :)

and my highlights of this week!

1 // alyssa and i enjoying a maneater while the boys cooked. a maneater is a martini that has become a staple around my parents house so my mom whipped up a batch when we came to visit - xrated liquor, pineapple juice, and some other stuff that make them oh-so-delicious!

2 // a corona-rita! how cool is that?! just watch your forehead when you lean in to get a sip :)
i just realized 40% of my weekly highlights involve alcoholic beverages. i don't have a problem. it just so happened to work out that way this week apparently.

3 // had some pretty successful wavy curls this wednesday.

4// it was warm enough on thursday to wear my nike kicks with no socks. hopefully that means spring weather is right around the corner!

5 // i just love my fossil earrings.

how was your week? how about your favorites from march? have a happy weekend!


  1. first I love your bio!!! great pictures. I'm so jealous of your beautiful wavy curls.

  2. I agree with Colleen ^ your curls are sort of beautiful.

    And that hat is super adorable on you. Yay!!! for pi day. (I celebrate it with Charlie's birthday)...but those pies look incredible.

  3. I love that hat!
    Jillian -


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