Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm baaaaaaaack!!!

I bet you're so excited. 

I bet you're feeling like I did when I finally saw Breaking Dawn Part 2... you've been waiting in anticipation and wonder for so long that you want to be sure you grab a blankie and a glass of wine in order to fully enjoy this moment.

{Guilty pleasure: I love *love*. And the Twilight Saga is a great love story. Don't judge.} 

Well, get whatever you need to make this moment special because I am officially back after my 5-month sabbatical. It'd be great to say I was too busy to blog because I was off doing some worldly deed that I wouldn't even think about bragging about; I was just busy. And probably a little lazy.

But, let's be friends again. Here's what we've been up to:

1. We moved. The hubs and I moved for the first time ever. {See all my reasons why this is a good idea.} It's not perfect. Life isn't perfect. What's important is we love each other, we love our apartment, and we love our jobs and coworkers.
Taken November 2012. Many changes have been made/decorations unpacked.
2.  I started working in a "man's industry". I used to teach math. Now I work in a lumberyard. I scan, file, problem-solve, keep inventory, and work with a bunch of men who, believe it or not, make me laugh & smile every day. I love most of my job.
{The parts I don't love....? Hmmmm... I'm feeling a future blog post...}

3.  We celebrated part of our Christmas in a hotel room at the Motel 6:

Post-move, Parker's grandparents are now 8 hours away. Thus, they made the necessary arrangements to celebrate with us at the halfway point. Even if that meant fitting all the presents, Christmas tree, ornaments, and yummy food in their Chevy Malibu, only to unpack in a Motel 6 hotel room for a 36-hour visit. They love us. We love them.

4. We visited my husband's family in Arizona over New Year's. We are lucky people.

Us with his parents.                                      Parker being a proud honorary-uncle.

5.  I read The Help [loved it!] and The Perks of Being a Wallflower [...].

6.  I started running - whoop! Why? Because I love clothes (when I'm comfortable and confident) so I gotta get in good shape! {Oh, also because we are signed up to run the relay at the Fargo Marathon.}

7.  We went to Colorado with my family {husband, mom, dad, brother, & Alyssa (brother's gf)}. 

Compilation of the trip. Courtesy of Instagram.
8.  I have a green thumb. Who knew? I certainly didn't. I have......7 plants in our apartment right now. And I've kept them all living on my own since November!

9.  I stopped running. Minor road block of busy schedules and being sick but my routine will begin again soon! We had our first outdoor beverage:
This doesn't sound like newsworthy information; however, when you live above a lumberyard on the side of a highway, not only is having an adult beverage outside to enjoy the nice weather a lot of work, it's also newsworthy.

10.  I started blogging (again!). Now that life has finally settled down after the move and a new normal, I missed my blog. I missed sharing thoughts and news now that I have time. I missed hearing about others' thoughts and news. {Oh, and some people kept bugging me about it, too.} 

Either way, glad to be back; I won't leave again :)

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