Monday, March 11, 2013

i'm addicted to the limited + 3 reasons to love hats

in the midst of having parks photograph me, pre-planning for my blog post, and actually writing my blog post, i've realized i'm addicted to the limited. oops. am i gonna try to change this? probably not.

anyway, it's monday. and on monday mornings, this is as good as it gets around here. comfy skinny jeans & teal tunic sweater with some boots and earrings to dress it up.

oh and i love hats lately. 3 reasons:
1) warmth: its winter in north dakota. did you know you lose the most body heat through your head? {i don't know if this is actually true but i feel like moms everywhere have been telling their kids this for decades}
2) their cute, different, and a fun way to accessorize.
3) if you've ever experienced a north dakota winter, you know it's super windy. a hat holds your long, glowing locks in place. no more hair getting stuck in your lip gloss. voila!

sweater: the limited [no longer for sale but find a picture here]
coat: eddie bauer [similar here]
jeans: the limited
hat: tj maxx
earrings: the limited
boots: steve madden @ nordstrom [from 2 years ago]


  1. North Dakota! There are sometimes where I wish I lived in a colder clime so I could justify cute jackets like that!! You rock that hat btw!!

  2. that hat looks so cute on you!

  3. love the hat and I love the limited too! great work stuff for me!


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