Friday, March 8, 2013

I ACTUALLY did a Pinterest project

Due to Pinterest, I constantly have this to-do list in my head that doesn't go away and seems to grow exponentially. Wouldn't it be cool if I tinted 5 different mason jars in 5 different colors to place on a coffee table that I built out of pallets? It would be totally cool. Am I going to do it anytime soon? Probably not, but I might someday. So my Pinterest boards are just full of all these ideas that I might do someday.

And I actually did one.

And I love it:
Black & white cropped photo of our first dance. It's about a 16 x 20 on a 1-inch thick canvas.  It now hangs in our bedroom & I love it in there because our bedroom has a grey/yellow/off-white theme goin on {which also happens to be pinterest inspiration}. 

Super easy to do:

1.  Pick your photo
2.  Decide what you want your "look" to be. I decided to do similar to the one I saw on Pinterest & crop the photo so that our faces are not the focal point.
3.  Decide where you will hang the canvas so you can pick your size.
4.  I recommend taking your photo to a photo place & explaining to them what you want for the end result.  I found that it works best if they do the cropping of the original photo because they need to plan for the parts of the photo that will wrap around to the back side of the canvas.
      *The cost of the canvas will depend on where you go & the size you choose. Mine was around $75.00. A little expensive but totally worth it - plus, save it for a time when you have a coupon like I did and it's really not so bad.

Then just wait for them to call and say your project is ready. 
Ta-da! Pick it up. Hang it up. Done. 
See, super easy?

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