Friday, March 22, 2013

H54F #2 | high five for friday!

1. how annoying is my husband? i went to have a bowl of ice cream and the chocolate ice cream literally had one bite left in the container. pet peeve!
2. how great is my husband? he should be a motivational speaker or something :)
3. sioux ya ya! showing my support yesterday for the university of north dakota as they played in the wcha final five tournament. they lost :(
4. i tried a topsy-turvy ponytail! followed the tutorial from kate @ the small things blog. i don't think it was too bad for my first attempt. you should check out her tutorial here - she made it look super easy. note: i just went to her post and mine looks awful compared to hers! so go check out hers to get a much better example. i'm going to practice and try again sometime.
5. went to the bank that just opened in town and there is now a video camera in the drive-thru between you and your teller. this was new to me. and kind of awkward.

how was your week? have a happy weekend!

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