Tuesday, March 26, 2013

7 beauty product favorites

i would have to say my beauty regimen (if you can even call it that) is pretty plain. no not plain, that sounds dumpy and boring. how about simple? it's definitely simple. i like to think i'm fairly low-maintenance {even though for some reason parks always says i'm high-maintenance... hmm...?}

on a normal day, i shower in the morning, pick out my outfit, even out the face with bare minerals make-up, slap on some mascara, and blow-dry my hair 75% of the time. sometimes the hair air-dries. i know, lazy at its finest. i work with 9 other men. i am the only chica. noone notices if my hair air-dried one morning. so if the time crunch makes me choose between drying my hair or breakfast, i'm going to choose the food. it's the most important meal of the day, right? don't get me wrong. i am definitely a girly-girl. i love clothes, and makeup, and curls, and dressing up. i just like to get dolled up on a saturday evening around 5:00 while enjoying a glass of wine. i do not always enjoy the getting-ready process when it happens at 7:00 am.

so anyway, i'm getting off topic. i try to to keep things simple and quick. i like to have products that are healthy for my skin and make me feel pretty without costing an arm and a leg. i definitely have some splurges but i also have some basic supplies that can be found for $8 at target. without further ado, here are seven of my beauty faves:

1 // neutrogena naturals acne cream cleanser | i started using this about 5 weeks ago and it has been life-changing! unfortunately i am almost 25 years old and still struggle with acne. yes, it makes me feel like i'm 15 years old again. i have to use products strong enough to keep the acne away, without drying out my skin. let me tell you, this can be quite the balancing act. one thing i've found that helps is to change things up and use a new facial cleanser every couple months. they say one of the best things to do is "keep your body guessing" so that it doesn't get too comfortable with anything. this cleanser has salicylic acid treatment so i know i'm getting a good clean, it is non-drying, and it leaves my face with this cooling feeling that i just find so relaxing.

2 // bare minerals loud & clear lip sheer in amped pink | i bought this around christmastime {well, i actually bought one for my friend for christmas and i have this problem where sometimes christmas shopping for others turns into just-because shopping for me. oh well. sue me.} i like how it has a sheer, glossy look but feels like a light, moisturizing chapstick on your lips. it doesn't feel gummy and doesn't look goopy. it's perfect for when i want something on my lips with just a hint of color. plus, parks will actually kiss me when it's on my lips versus the scowl i get when i have on really glossy gloss. score! pucker up.

3 // bare minerals prime time foundation primer | i have been using this for about 3 years now. i put it on before applying makeup and my makeup goes on really easily and perfectly even. plus, it makes my face super soft.

4 // clinique lipstick | i have just rediscovered lipstick so right now its one of my faves. i think we all know what it does, why its great, and why you should re-discover it, too.

5 // wella enrich shampoo

6 // opi nail polish in suzi & the 7 dusseldorfs | even if i'm wearing sweatpants nail polish makes me feel feminine. this was one my favorite colors i bought this winter and i love it. plus, opi nail polish and the names of their colors are the best. {i've heard lots of talk about essie but never tried it - anyone have thoughts? opinions?}

7 // clinique high impact mascara | this one is a travel size because it comes free in most of their bonuses. this basically sums up my daily eye-makeup routine.

so there you have it. seven of my must-haves. do you have any beauty product favorites? happy tuesday!

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