Monday, September 17, 2012

I needed an attitude adjustment

Do you ever have your very own little pity party? I just had one. And I even wrote about it for a good 20 minutes. Then I said to myself (in my head, not out loud because I'm not crazy), "Samantha, you need an attitude adjustment.  You just had a great weekend with one of the best families anyone could have & you had an extremely productive day. Now don't you dare start writing again until you've changed your attitude." So here I am. Attitude fully adjusted and ready to be a Positive Patty.

Here's why I should be positively thankful for my weekend:

1. Time with my girlfriends.
2. I love my mom.
3. Bike ride around MN lakes on a beautiful afternoon with my cousins.
4. First trip to Target field.
5. Parker, myself, younger brother, & his girlfriend at our first Twins game.
6. The hubs & I. (Christmas card? hmm...)

All in all, great weekend. Now the only suggestion I'm going to make to any of you (notice, in a very positive manner): Do not, and I repeat, do not, ever, under any circumstances, wear denim jeans to an outdoor baseball game when its 85 degrees and sunny if you plan on being comfortable. Thankfully we found empty seats in the shade where my jeans were no longer sticking to every part of my body from the waist down. Did I mention I am very thankful for shade?

So why was I having a pity party? Because we're moving in 5 weeks, which in and of itself is awesome! What's not so awesome is spending all your free time slowly packing up your life so that your apartment looks like a lonely wreck when you could be baking fall yummies or buying gourds to perfect your fall decor. (OK, I just had to get that one little rant out of my system.)

Upcoming projects I have on the agenda before the big move will include more refinishing, packing, & cleaning and less baking, decorating, and organizing.  Because I have such a positive attitude, I have recognized that these upcoming projects can still be loads of fun and will most definitely pay off once we reach our new destination.

Until then, I will be living vicariously through other blogs and Pinterest to enjoy all the amazing-ness that fall decor has to offer.  I have also decided our future apartment will look like Santa's Workshop as soon as November rolls around to make up for not being able to participate in the fall decor madness right now! You can't have your cake & eat it too, but you can always save it for later :)

Got any fall projects or decor that you are loving? Got any moving/packing tips? Happy Monday!

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